Grades 9-12 Programs

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High school students want the freedom to make their own decisions and forge their own pathways to the future. Parents want to offer them guidance. But one thing they can all agree upon is that each student should graduate from high school prepared for college or career.

Kamehameha Schools connects high school students to programs and services in their communities, available for teens from Grades 9 to 12 and beyond.

1) Select the island where you’d like to find a program or service in this age group.

2) Select an option that finishes the statement: My child or I would like to…

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My child or I would like to …

ʻĀina Ulu image

… learn about the ʻāina and participate in stewardship activities.

Hālau Kupukupu Innovations Academy image

… learn in a different way over the summer.

Hoʻolako Like - Charter School support image

… attend a Hawaiian-focused charter school.

Kahaluʻu Manowai Education Group image

… learn more about heiau restoration and the cultural resources in Keauhou.

Kamehameha Scholars image

… prepare for college and career while earning a merit-based scholarship.