Explorations Series - Kulia I Ka Pono

Ma ka hana ka ‘ike, “in doing, there is knowledge.” This philosophy is encompassed in each of Kamehameha Schools’ three different weeklong summer boarding programs: Ho‘omāka‘ika‘i, Ho‘olauna, and Kūlia I Ka Pono. Each program is targeted to a specific age and designed to keep students who do not attend Kamehameha Schools connected with their culture. Through matriculation, once a student enters the Explorations Series, they are automatically invited to subsequent programs in the series as long as they remain active and involved.

Through the Explorations Series programs, Kamehameha Schools is able to assist learners in building strong foundations of cultural connectedness for future educational, career and civic success.

Kūlia I Ka Pono is a one-week leadership program where students can connect to the ‘āina through service and community give-back. The program uses outdoor classrooms like the lo‘i, loko i‘a-fishpond and forest to learn personal and cultural responsibility. Participants examine leadership as they begin to hone their skills in specific cultural schools such as kalo farming or sailing and navigation. This program builds on the foundations of Ho‘olauna by using place, Hawaiian culture, values and traditions to strengthen students’ identities as Hawaiians and build leadership skills.

Who’s eligible? All students prior to 9th grade and students prior to 10th grade (if they are also enrolled in the Kamehameha Scholars program). Students who are enrolled in a Kamehameha Schools K-12 campus program are not eligible.

How to apply? Applications are available in January and February at www.ksbe.edu/admissions. For more information, or to have an application mailed to you, please call the Admissions Office at 808-842-8800 or toll free at 800-842-4682 ext. 8800.

Program cost: Explorations Series programs have a fee of $120 (all meals, in-state travel and activities are covered through this fee). Fee waivers so your child can attend for free are available, but you must apply to receive a waiver.

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