Kahaluʻu Manowai Education Group

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Students develop their math and organizational skills through mapping heiau at Kahalu‘u ma kai. 

The Kahalu‘u Manowai Education Group works to provide learning opportunities to students and visitors through a series of interactive programs and lectures.

The ahupua‘a of Keauhou and Kahalu‘u in Kona, Hawai‘i offer some of the most unique natural and cultural resources with a tremendous educational value. The heiau restoration currently being completed within the site offers opportunities for students to use Plane Table Mapping techniques, which allow them to develop skills like math and laulima (working together).

The Puana Ka ‘Ike lecture series also provides a valuable archive of presentations featuring a variety of topics related to Native Hawaiian culture and identity. Access videos here.    

For more information on programs and services provided by the Kahalu‘u Manowai Education Group, please call 808-322-5400. 

Watch the video below, which highlights some of the important work taking place in this region:

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