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Kamehameha Schools is pleased to provide links that connect parents, children and adults with a wide variety of community education programs and services available on Kaua’i, O’ahu, Moloka’i, Maui and Hawai’i Island.

To filter the options by your child’s age, go to the home page and use the handy timeline. Here on this page, you’ll find all the available options.

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ʻĀina Ulu image

… learn about the ʻāina and participate in stewardship activities.

Aʻo Kumu Distance Learning image

...acquire 21st century teaching skills with a focus on Hawaiian culture-based learning.

Aʻo Makua Distance Learning image

… learn more about Hawaiian history, culture and language using your computer.

Career Professionals Network image

… network with professionals and learn more about careers.

Explorations Series - Hoʻomākaʻikaʻi image

… participate in Hawaiian cultural activities over the summer.

Explorations Series - Hoʻolauna image

… visit and learn about wahi pana (famous places) and mo‘olelo (stories) of various moku.

Explorations Series - Kulia I Ka Pono image

… have hands-on experiences and develop leadership skills through cultural practices.

First Nations' Futures Program image

… learn more about servant leadership and capacity building within Native Hawaiian communities.

Hālau Kupukupu Innovations Academy image

… learn in a different way over the summer.


… learn how to play and socialize.

Hoʻolako Like - Charter School support image

… attend a Hawaiian-focused charter school.

Hui Mālama I Ke Kai image

… attend an after-school program that helps with homework and tutoring.

In School, After School and ʻOhana Project (LIS) image

…attend in-school or after-school literacy programs in my community.

Ka Paʻalana<br />Partners In Development Foundation  (PIDF) image

… attend preschool in a shelter near me.

Kahaluʻu Manowai Education Group image

… learn more about heiau restoration and the cultural resources in Keauhou.

Kamehameha Publishing Book Club - Hui Moʻolelo image

… read more about Hawaiian culture and get a discount on books.

Kamehameha Scholars image

… prepare for college and career while earning a merit-based scholarship.

Ke Aliʻi Pauahi Foundation Scholarships image

… find out more about scholarships offered from the Ke Aliʻi Pauahi Foundation.

Keiki Steps to Kindergarten (KSTK)<br />Institute for Native Pacific Education and Culture (INPEACE) image

… learn how to transition from home to an elementary school setting.

Kipona Private School Scholarship Program image

… attend a Hawaiʻi private school besides Kamehameha.

KS Preschools image

… attend preschool supported by KS.

Literacy Instruction & Support image

… read better and have help with homework.

Pauahi Keiki Scholars image

… go to non-KS preschool but receive financial support.

Post-High School Scholarships image

… apply for scholarships offered by Kamehameha Schools.

Pūlama I Nā Keiki (Alu Like, Inc.) image

… learn child rearing and child development

Pūnana Leo Preschools (Aha Pūnana Leo, Inc.) image

… attend a preschool conducted in Hawaiian language.

Tūtū & Me Partners In Development Foundation (PIDF) image

… attend a traveling preschool in my community.