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Anti-Spam and Unsolicited Email

Kamehameha Schools has a Zero Tolerance Stance on SPAM

It has come to our attention that unsolicited commercial mass-mailers ("spammers") have been using our registered domain name "ksbe.edu" when identifying themselves to email servers for the purposes of sending unsolicited commercial email or other email with inappropriate content. Kamehameha Schools does not condone or approve of this content in any way, and does not allow the use of its property or Internet connectivity to be used for this purpose.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to control how spammers identify themselves when sending email. We believe our email domain as well as many others are used to bypass anti-spam filters and misdirect the anger and frustration of those receiving the unsolicited mailings.

We will make every effort to investigate abuse of our domain name or organizational identity, and attempt to stop the abuse. Please accept our apology for any inconvenience the unsolicited or inappropriate email may have caused you.

If you receive unsolicited email that is originating from our location, please notify us at email-abuse at ksbe dot edu. Please include a complete copy of the original message you received, including all message headers. See <here> for more information on how to forward a copy of all message headers to us.

If you wish to investigate these messages further, please go <here> to get more information on how to determine where your unsolicited email is coming from, and to confirm that it is not originating from our location.

To see examples of SPAM sent using Kamehameha Schools' domain name, go <here>. The original recipient of the message has been deleted to maintain confidentiality, but the forged sender information and the IP information of the actual sender appears in the examples.